Group Dental & Vision Plans


Vision benefits are often overlooked in a typical benefits package, but they can be incredibly beneficial to employees. Offering your employees vision insurance can encourage necessary eye care and help supplement costs for vision needs. In addition, regular eye doctor visits can identify otherwise unknown medical problems, lowering cost and improving treatment when those problems are caught early on.


Although long-insulated from employers’ cost-cutting efforts because of their low price, the rising cost of health coverage is now affecting dental benefits, according to industry experts. Troubled by high rates of inflation in their medical plans, some employers are scaling back on dental benefits. This is not necessarily the best move for employers, as workers tend to see the value in solid dental care. Many people make a positive connection between overall good health and maintaining their oral health. In addition, those with dental benefits may have brighter view of their health and well-being in general. Dental benefits may seem like just another expense, but the risks of not providing dental benefits could be more costly-including significant medical expenses that could have been avoided and difficulty hiring premium talent due to a lacking benefits package.